Case Study 2: Ergo chair - mercedes-benz

The Task: An automotive manufacturer needed to move an operator through the driver's side door opening so as to secure the fire wall insulator and exit within the current line speed. Currently this operation as performed required two operators and was not meeting safety or ergonomic requirements.

The Challenge: Perform this operation within a small footprint safely and ergonomically while meeting current line speed. Accommodate operators of varying heights.

The Solution: Jomat's pneumatically controlled Ergo Chair supported overhead by a Jomat runway/dual bridge system.

The Result: All challenge requirements were successfully implemented and goals exceeded. The Ergo Chair automatically moved the operator through the small opening of the driver's side door to safely and ergonomically secure the fire wall insulator.

The Bonus: Within one week of use, only one team member was necessary to finish the required operation. That one operator could also successfully complete the task in less than half the time previously allotted. As a result, another task was added to the operation which yielded the manufacturer even greater cost savings while improving safety and ergonomics.