Case Study 1: Ergo chair - GM Lansing

The Task: An automotive manufacturer needed to move an operator inside and to the rear of a vehicle to assemble two rear window air bags and secure an electrical connection for the rear brake light signal in a single operation.

The Challenge: Perform this multi tasked operation at the rate of 70 vehicles per hour in only 30 feet of line space. Accommodate operators of varying heights. Transfer proper assembly tools and material required to complete the tasks along with the operator during work flow process.

The Solution: Jomat's pneumatically controlled Ergo Chair supported overhead by a Jomat runway/dual bridge system.

The Result: All challenge requirements were successfully implemented and goals exceeded. The Ergo Chair automatically moved the operators into the vehicle with the appropriate tools and material close at hand while articulating them to the rear of the vehicle to perform the required tasks. It then automatically exited the operator out of the vehicle and moved them down the line to the next vehicle for a repeat operation aided by the integration of the innovative Jomat cable drive “Sidewinder” drive tractor.

The Bonus: An additional task was added to the operation within the line rate originally allowed yielding a supplementary savings of over $200,000 per year for the plant. This design was awarded the coveted GM/UAW “Quality” Award at GM World Headquarters in September, 2007.